Pascaline Marre
auteur - photographe

L’√©quilibriste / SISYPHUS

"One must imagine Sisyphus happy."

It is with these words that Albert Camus closes his essay, leaving the reader to meditate on his own destiny. The salvation of man would come from the acceptance of his condition, as to believe in the possibility to transcend it.

I chose to take inspiration from this Greek myth to give a sensitive and subjective interpretation of it through the exploration of the rock, of the earth laid bare, in counterpoint to the liquid dream that the ocean makes us glimpse.

Rocks, traces of man and silhouettes intertwine in this series of images, giving flesh and matter to one of the Greek myths that has undoubtedly most powerfully thought the mystery of human existence. I thus intend to catch the interstices of life, through a silhouette defying the rock of Sisyphus, a wall shaped by the hand of man, a rock carried in the night of history, a stone left as a testament.