Pascaline Marre
auteur - photographe

Tension of being

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Tension of being
Where can I find peace,
Peace of mind.

My body is eruct with tension,
An arch bent
That can’t release
Its arrow is lost
In the meander of my emotions.

An image to breath,
An image to see,
An image to walk again.

I look and I photograph,
No longer in my body,
No longer in my mind.

I become the flower that spurs its scent and fragile grace,
I become the tree animated by the wind and the light playing through its branches,
I become the man sitting on a chair, amidst the fallen leaves, his back at me,
contemplating his utter loneliness, he is a sculpture.
I become the laughter of my child, her energy and joy, her incredible mystery,
I become the silence of the stones that carry history, left untold my men.

My mind has left my body, flying, free,
Releasing at last the trapped feelings.
I can breath again,
I can laugh again,
I can love again.