Pascaline Marre
auteur - photographe

Unheard images

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I walk, like a dreamer
I walk, like a blind
Seeing, feeling, desiring, not knowing.

My images are unheard words
that I whisper,
that I voice,
that I scream.

My images bury my feelings, my thoughts, my hopes, my faith
In their silence.
I open my heart to them,
They leave me like unwanted words and thoughts.

Words that disappeared when once
I decided not to speak my heart,
Out of fear of disappearing in their violence.

What did I see ? What did I hear ?
To be so afraid of talking
To be so afraid of living
To be so afraid of loving.

My images are here to remind me
My feet on the ground, my mind in doubt,
My images can speak for me.
Can you hear them ?